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Turbo K24 Ferrari 308 Race Car Build – Front End Teardown

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We've decided to move forward with disassembly, this time with the front end. There's a ton of components that lie hiding underneath the car's hood, and almost all of it can be permanently remove.

The AC system makes up a majority of what needs to be removed, along with heating components. There's a heavy brass radiator that we've removed too. All in, we're talking about just shy of 100lbs of weight removed, although some will have to go back in.

There's a ton of chassis structure within the car, too. We'll be cutting plenty of it out! Part of the focus of the Honda K24 swap is weight reduction, and today's efforts are in the name of shaving pounds.

So far, we've removed more than 1,000lbs from the car, with plans of putting about half of that back in. We'll keep our fingers crossed that the eventual weight stays nice and low.