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Lamborghini Miura P400S – #4782

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592) Chassis-Nummer: 4782

Motoren-Nummer: 30578

Auslieferungsdatum: 09.12.1970

Auslieferung an: Autoelite

Original-Farbe: Bianco Miura

Interieur: bleu

erster Besitzer: –

weitere Besitzer: Isao Noritake (1983, Japan); über Symbolic International zum Verkauf angeboten (2015 – und dann wieder 2016, 1’295’000 Dollar); Schweden (2017, Kennzeichen YGN846)

Auktion: RM Sotheby’s, Scottsdale 2016, Schätzpreis 1’300’000 bis 1’500’000 Dollar, nicht verkauft, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «Chassis number 4782 was the 22nd-from-last Miura S produced of the 388 built between 1968 and 1971. It is officially recorded in Lamborghini’s Factory Records as production sequence number 592 with Bertone body number 692 and engine number 30578, all of which remains today, some 45 years after the car was built. This Miura S was originally finished in Bianco, with the standard blue cloth and vinyl interior. The order was placed by the well-known official Milan agents AutoElite in October of 1970. Delivery of the car is known to have taken place that December, although the original owner and his or her location is not known. According to the consignor, in 1973, it was observed by journalist Peter Coltrin, who noted that the car was back at the Lamborghini factory and now painted red. It was apparently there for services and repairs after an accident. He further noted that the car retained its blue cloth and vinyl interior. The owner states that it is believed this Miura remained at the Lamborghini Factory in their client services storage building in an unrepaired state for the next decade before finally being sold on November 5, 1983, to Japan’s most famous Lamborghini collector and enthusiast Isao Noritake of Aichi, Japan. A founder and chairman of the Japan Lamborghini Owner’s Club (JLOC), Mr. Noritake is also the president of the JLOC Racing Team, a privately run professional team that has been successfully racing Lamborghinis with direct Factory support for the past two decades. Noting that the car had, at the time, only 3,700 kms, having been off the road since 1972, Mr. Noritake noted that the car retained all of its original “born with” components. He proceeded to have it cosmetically repaired and refinished to the original Bianco, and he had the interior reupholstered in the present two-tone blue and white, both by the Lamborghini factory in the course of repairs and servicing. Today, if closely inspected, there are still signs in a few hidden areas of the underlying red paint. Following this work, the consignor notes that the Miura S remained in Mr. Noritake’s private museum, driven only for services and maintenance procedures, for the next 32 years, after which it was acquired by the present owners. With the exception of the cosmetic repairs and refinishing performed by the factory three decades ago, it remains largely as-delivered; in fact, the correct body number stamping appears prominently throughout, as would be expected, and the engine and chassis stampings are correct and original, including both the engine block and head stampings, with the date stamping on the head recording “7 1 70,” or July 1, 1970. In fact, the majority of the chassis and under-hood finishes appear extremely original, aside from cleaning and proper maintenance. The sale of this lot includes both an owner’s manual and a period sales brochure, as well as the tools and jack. Surely one of the lowest-mileage Miura S’s known, and a desirable late-specification model benefiting from the best long-term ownership, this is an outstanding example of the original supercar.»

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