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1958 VW Truck with a Rolls-Royce Jet Engine

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The custom VW Type 2 called “Oklahoma Willy” visited Santa Pod Raceway and went 10.623 sec at 154 mph. The unique vehicle was built by Perrywinkle Customs using a 1958 VW Transporter flatbed truck and a 1955 cc flat-four. Once it is ready to race the team fires up the Rolls-Royce 1986 Viper 535 Turbojet sitting on the back. The turbojet consumes 8.3 gallons of fuel per minute, spins at 13,760 rpm, and produces 3,450 lbs of thrust.

VW Type 2 Truck with a Rolls-Royce Jet Engine

Source: Santa Pod Raceway FB page and VeeDubRacing

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