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Toyota GT86 with a Ferrari V8 Update

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Ryan Tuerck made a video explaining how the intake will work as well other modifications on his Ferrari powered Toyota GT86. The intake is being routed into a induction box located under the dash with carbon fiber intakes behind the front wheels. Since this will be a video/demo car and will not compete in Formula D the team is able to do more with the bracing. Meaning this will be one of the stiffest FRS chassis out there. If you are not familiar with this project Ryan is installing a Ferrari 4.5 L F136 FB V8 into a Toyota GT86. The engine will stay naturally aspirated (at least for now) and produce around 550 horsepower through a Motec 142 ECU connected to a five-speed sequential transmission.

Ryan also did a live video where he talks about a few other things on the car and also answers questions from fans.

Source: Donut Media FB page and Gumout FB page

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