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Project Thunderbolt: Building A LS3 Powered Miata – Part 13

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Tom’s Turbo Garage is back with another Project Thunderbolt episode after taking four months off to enjoy his creation. In this episode Tom takes Project Thunderbolt through several tests to see how the LS3 crate motor performs in his Mazda Miata. Like all of Tom projects he really made sure everything was perfect and it is probably one of the cleanest swaps I have seen in a long time.

Stock LS3 Conversion Difference
Wheel Horsepower 153 @ 5800 rpm 433 @ 6200 rpm +280 / +183%
Wheel Torque 147 @ 3800 rpm 411 @ 4700 rpm +264 / +179%
Curb Weight (w/ hard top) 2,574 lbs 2,731 lbs +175 lbs
Weight Balance 52.5%F 47.5%R 53.6%F 46.3%R +1.1%F -1.2%R
Fuel Consumption (MPG) 20 city 23 combined 26 highway 24 combined +1

Source: Tom’s Turbo Garage

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