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Farewell, Facebook

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I am not sure when it exactly happened first. But there has been a certain moment when Facebook started to annoy me. Too much information, too much things I don't wanna even know and too much digital bullsh*t—like Farmville, Mafia Wars and stupid quizzes. At that point I realized Facebook is a big, fat time wasting machine.

Facebook is—compared to travelling, for example—like package holiday. So if Center Parcs or the Aida turns you on, go ahead. I won't. Or, to draw another comparison: Facebook is like a huge shopping mall. But—put your hand on your heart—have you ever found the really inspiring shops in a mall? Nope. Also, Facebook isn't a tool or service like Gmail, Flickr or Twitter which helps me getting my things done.

I am blogging since five years. And if you—just in case—like what I do, read my blogs or hook up on my Twitter. Maybe you want to tell me I am a dumb*ss—simply use the comment function below my articles. It works exactly the same as you probably know it from Facebook. Ok, you want to shoot me a message? Easy. Send me an old-school email. You'll find the address on my contact page. And apart from that, there are tons of other ways where you can get in touch with me. This one is really wicked: what about joining up in real life?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm out. I act as my own guinea pig and deactivate my personal Facebook account. I am interested in how it feels not being a member of the biggest community you can find nowadays. So if it feels ok (like deleting my XING account two years ago), maybe I'll never bring it back ... 

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