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Chromjuwelen Motor Öl: About The Background

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Due to the tremendous feedback for the package design of our Chromjuwelen Motor Öl, I would like to get one thing straight: It was neither me nor my Chromjuwelen partner Chris who did the design. Ok, I am responsible for squeezing and advancing the idea, but all props regarding the package design go to Donkey. In person: Boris Frommen, Daniel Dondorp and Christian Kandel.

I know Boris for years now and he is doing an amazing job with his agency. But if you visit Donkey's website, you will soon figure out that Donkey's core competence is not exactly … er ... automotive based. It is much more the fashion- and fragrancies-business they are in. But it has been a ongoing complaining from Boris (who is racing Porsche and Ferrari, btw) on a high level that he would love to do something auto-related one day.

When I told Boris about our cooperation with Mathy he was immediately hooked and brought Daniel Dondorp and Christian Kandel into play. Daniel and Christian are both into classic cars as well, and they turned out to be the dream team we were looking for. I take my hat off to both of you, Daniel and Christian — you've created something sheer incredible!

Granted. It took us over a year to bring our first first product, Chromjuwelen Motor Öl (yes, written with "Ö"!), to shape. Of course, we know the needs of the market and our audience – but at the end of the day Chris and I are just two buffoons who are bringing on some geeky automotive interwebs pollution. But in this regard we see ourselves to be our prototype clients: not savvy in engineering — but in search of products who fit to our passion: classic and modified cars. To keep it short: our intention was to create a product which we would buy.

When we thought for the first time about "Chromjuwelen Products" (yeop, there are some more on their way — stay tuned!) it was indisputable for us we can't do that on our own. But with Mathy and Donkey we feel like we hit the jackpot. On the one hand Mathy, who is gutsy enough to realize our neurotic ideas, on the other hand Donkey, who is highly skilled to bring 'em to shape.

As well I would like to thank at this point all media representatives (AUTO BILD KLASSIK, and several journalists), garages, museums and technicians we had the honor to learn from. Guys, without your affirmation we wouldn't feel that secure, as we do today.

Right now we are working on our Chromjuwelen Online Store (which we will launch end of August) that our products can be ordered worldwide. Btw — this was one of our biggest tasks: to get them shippable. Please don't hesitate to talk to us, if you would like to offer Chromjuwelen Motor Öl in your Vintage Furniture Store, in your Garage our in your Heritage Fashion Shop!

Oh, btw, just one last thing: We will debut September 1./2. at the Oldtimer Park Hamburg and the Hamburger Stadtpark Revival. Safe the date!

Original: Ralf Becker - Chromjuwelen

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