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Lamborghini Miura P400 – #3537

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200) Chassis-Nummer: 3537

Motoren-Nummer: 1998

Auslieferungsdatum: 28.05.1968

Auslieferung an: Zani

Original-Farbe: Bianco Acrilico

Interieur: skay nero

erster Besitzer: Bertoni?

weitere Besitzer: später in der Schweiz, Kennzeichen TI 39395; Roberto Tonali (2005, Mailand); Bruno Sassano (14.12.2005, Padua – mit rotem Leder-Interieur ausgestattet): Bernd Georgi (2006, München); Deutschland (2012, Kennzeichen M-JA 12 H); neuer Besitzer in Deutschland (2016, Kennzeichen M-XB 1968H). Steht derzeit (August 2022) zum Verkauf bei Weekend Heroes, keine Preisangabe, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «The Miura P400 with chassis number 3537 we are offering here is in fact production number 200, the very first car to receive the reinforced chassis. It was delivered in May 1968 with wider rear tires and via dealer Zane to its first owner, industrialist Gianni Bertoni from Ferrara. He had specified his P400 in Bianco Miura with black vinyl. After a period in Switzerland where the car was registered ‚TI39395‘, it returned to Italy for two years and was registered „CP400PJ“. At that time, the Italian owner had the interior retrimmed in red leather. Shortly after, it was sold to a Munich-based collector in August 2006, where it has resided ever since with one more change of ownership. Today, the car presents beautifully in its striking Bianco Miura and the relevant Bertone numbers can still be found on the various body parts.»

Auktionen: –

Besonderes: der erste P400 mit dem verstärkten Fahrgestell.

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