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Lamborghini Miura P400SV – #4866

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634) Chassis-Nummer: 4866

Motoren-Nummer: 30637

Auslieferungsdatum: 16.06.1971

Auslieferung an: Modena Car

Original-Farbe: Argento

Interieur: pelle senape

erster Besitzer: –

weitere Besitzer: vielleicht: Rod Stewart (70er Jahre, Los Angeles); stand später zum Verkauf bei Fantasy Junction mit folgendem Text:«Around 150 Miura SV’s were built, and this particular car is one of the more famous examples. Equipped with AC, this car was previously owned by Rod Steward in Los Angeles during the 1970’s. This car was purportedly found to have marks in the headliner from the bottoms of high heels! The car was originally silver in color with gold wheels and rockers, and was delivered to its original owner by New York dealer Modena Imports. The original owner arrived at the dealer with his son in taxi cab, and drove the car back to Texas. The car later ended up with Mr. Stewart, and then passed through the hands of a number of owners before ending up with a Canadian collector, who had the car restored to high standards in its current dark blue color with grey interior a few years ago. The car’s current owner bought this car in 2008 following a long and painstaking search for the right Miura SV. He had the car inspected by Gary Bobileff prior to purchasing it, and then sent it to Bobileff Motor Car Company to have a number of minor issues sorted. This work totaled about $8500, and included fixing some inoperable electrical components, correction of some incorrect interior hardware, adjusting latches and lamps, restoring the wheels, rebuilding the carburetors, tuning the car, fitting new tires, aligning the car, and many other items as well. The car is currently in stunning condition. The paint and bodywork are excellent throughout with almost no signs of wear or damage. The wheels and chrome are also excellent. The wheels have been recently refinished and have the correct Campagnolo decals. The lights, glass, and trim are excellent as well, though there is a hairline crack in one of the rear turn indicator lenses. The car retains its correct twin stalk windscreen wipers. The interior is extremely nice. The seats, dashboard, and door panels have been reupholstered in light grey leather to very high standards, and the carpets are high quality wool that also displays excellent workmanship. The remainder of the interior is in excellent original condition. This includes the instruments, steering wheel, and switches. The engine compartment and trunk are both highly detailed and extremely clean. There are numerous correct details including the correct blue and green springs, candy apple red horns, and silk screened FIAMM airbox stencils. The chassis is nicely detailed throughout. The spare wears the correct Pirelli Cinturato CN12 tire, and in addition to the new BF Goodrich tires the car now wears, it comes with a full set of four unmounted extremely rare and valuable Pirelli Cinturato CN12 tires. This is an outstanding opportunity to acquire beautiful example of one of the most desirable and beautiful cars ever. Equipped with desirable air conditioning and with fascinating and unique history, this SV is special even among SV’s. Furthermore, it has been beautifully restored in a sublimely elegant shade of dark blue and is mechanically sorted and ready to enjoy.»; Mexiko (2018)

Auktion: –

Besonderes: Klimaanlage

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