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Lamborghini Miura P400SV – #5014

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Big Money

707) Chassis-Nummer: 5014

Motoren-Nummer: 30700

Auslieferungsdatum: 08.04.1972

Auslieferung an: S.E.A. (Rom)

Original-Farbe: Giallo Miura

Interieur: nero

erster Besitzer: Anna Germani

weitere Besitzer: später: Japan (Kennzeichen 331108); Symbolic (2013, angeboten für 1’250’000 Dollar, gekauft von RM Auctions); Monaco (2015, Kennzeichen X594)

Auktion: RM Sotheby’s, New York 2015, verkauft für 2’420’000 Dollar, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «According to information on file from Lamborghini historian Giorgio Sant’Ambrogio, this Miura SV, chassis number 5014, was originally delivered through Roman dealership SEA on April 10, 1972, to a lady enthusiast, Anna Germani. As a relatively late-production SV, it was of the most desirable specification, with the split-sump lubrication system that divides the oil between the engine and the gearbox rather than forcing both to use the same lubrication, as on earlier examples. The car later made its way to Japan, where it was featured, in its previous Rosso livery, on the cover of the December 1990 issue of Revival Impression magazine. For some time, it resided with an official Japanese McLaren workshop in Osaka before coming into the possession of its current owner. He immediately submitted the Miura SV to the finest workshops in the world for a Miura, all in the Modena area and many involving former Lamborghini employees. Its restoration was undertaken with absolute disregard for cost. The original color combination of Giallo Miura over Nero leather was proven by discovery of original paint in the front lid and under the trunk lid lock, while the pristine originality of the body itself was supported by the body number, 807, appearing on every single panel originally numbered by the factory. Disassembly and final assembly were handled by the renowned Carrozzeria Sports Cars (Drogo). The body was completely stripped to bare metal via water-cleaning by Water Works Technology of Pordenone. Metalwork restoration was done by Bachelli & Villa (Autosport), after which Carrozzeria Sports Cars expertly applied the paint in the original hue. The interior was trimmed by Bruno Paratelli, who was the Lamborghini factory’s external supplier for many years. The chassis was checked and measured by Marchesi, the original chassis supplier for Lamborghini in-period, with a certificate on file verifying that the frame is perfectly straight and conforming to the original specifications. Mechanical restoration was undertaken by Salvioli, of TopMotors in Nonantola, a former Lamborghini mechanic who spent 30 years working in the developmental department at the factory! All of this work, documented by invoices and a large collection of photographs on-file, was overseen by a noted Lamborghini authority, as well as the renowned factory test driver, Valentino Balboni. Signore Balboni looked at every single detail of the car and the finish of its every nut and bolt, even assisting in the sourcing—at considerable expense—the correct Pirelli CN12 tires. Also included are a user handbook, tool kit, and jack. Freshly completed and not yet shown, this Miura SV is a standout in every regard. While many have been restored authentically, few have been taken to such a pristine standard with oversight and hands-on craftsmanship by many of the men who knew these cars when they were new. The result is a magnificent specimen of the original supercar and, without a doubt, the finest SV ever offered at auction.»)

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