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Lamborghini Miura P400SV – #5012

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Unter dem Hammer

708) Chassis-Nummer: 5012

Motoren-Nummer: 30708

Auslieferungsdatum: 29.03.1972

Auslieferung an: Hollebecq (Belgien)

Original-Farbe: Rosso Corsa

Interieur: bleu

erster Besitzer: –

weitere Besitzer: Alain Aouizerat (1981, Frankreich, Restauration im Werk (für 24’492’400 Lire); Hamad Al-Thani (1984, Schweiz); Jacques Borloz (1987, Schweiz, über Philippe Fournier, Kennzeichen VD 40349); Reza Rashidian (2004); später England (Kennzeichen KVG130K)

Auktion: Bonhams (2004, verkauft für 210’000 Euro); Christie’s (2006, verkauft für 477’000 Dollar), Bonhams (2013, Arizona, verkauft für 1’215’000 Dollar, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «5012, dates from late on in SV production and is a split sump derivative, of which there were only 96 constructed. It was supplied new through the Belgian agent for the brand, Hollebecq and has spent the majority of its life in Europe. An early owner was Alain Auoizerat in France, and while with him it shared stable with an SVJ. At the start of the 1980s the car was sold to a Middle Eastern gentleman who commissioned the factory to restore the car after which it passed into two decades of Swiss ownership. In 2005, the SV passed into the hands of another connoisseur of the model, where it would again share stable with an SVJ, this time, the famed Shah of Iran car. While in this brief ownership the car received a thorough overhaul at the hands of British restorers DK Engineering, including engine and electrics work. All of this was in preparation for running the Tour d’Espagne Rally which it not only was driven to and from but completed without incident. In 2006 the car was repainted by Graeme Shultz’s Lamborghini agency in the U.K. just prior to its leaving for the U.S. and it was acquired by the Oldenburg Family later that year. Earlier this year the car was taken to engineering experts Motion Products for a thorough service, during which it received new primary exhaust manifolds and new tail pipes, and a tune up. Testing the car on the rolling road, they established that it was putting out 390hp at the rear wheels, a number greater than any other Miura they had handled! It remains in top mechanical order and ready to be used. Through just a handful of owners, the Miura has been prized as it should be, close inspection of its structure shows the car to be particularly sound. It has been repainted, though remains in the scheme in which it was delivered, and its interior shows modest wear for a 45 year old car which when compared with the odometer reading of around 47,000 kilometers, can almost certainly be considered to be the original. Of note is the fact that this cabin also retains venting for air conditioning, which it is thought that the car had at one point, although it is not listed in the factory records as having been delivered as such and is no longer fitted to the car.» )

Besonderes: wahrscheinlich oder vielleicht: Klimaanlage

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