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Lamborghini Miura P400S – #4155

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401) Chassis-Nummer: 4155

Motoren-Nummer: 30409

Auslieferungsdatum: 06.08.1969

Auslieferung an: Breviglieri

Original-Farbe: Rosso Miura

Interieur: nero beige

erster Besitzer: Breviglieri (Piacenza, bezahlte 6’650’000 Lire, Kennzeichen PC114444)

weitere Besitzer: Pietro Manfrinato (22.01.1970, Monselice, bezahlte 6’500’000 Lire, Kennzeichen PD250341); Ubaldo Imolesi (30.04.1971, Cesena, bezahlte 5’000’000 Lire, Kennzeichen FO235525); Adelmo Gardelli (28.05.1974, bezahlte 1’500’000 Lire); Sasso Car Srl (27.01.1984, Monzuno, bezahlte 14’850’000 Lire, Kennzeichen BO958555); Pier Paolo Apicella (01.01.1986, Sasso Marconi, Restauration in den 90er Jahren); G.P. Finanziaria SpA (16.07.1999, Brescia, bezahlte 200’000’000 Lire); Emilio Gnutti (16.06.2008, bezahlte 250’000 Euro); stand zum Verkauf bei Hess Classic (2016, Frankreich, 1’700’000 Euro)

Auktion: RM Sotheby’s, Monaco 2014, verkauft für 840’000 Euro, angeboten mit folgendem Text: «It is believed that chassis number 4155 was completed on 6 August 1969, making it one of the earlier S examples manufactured. This Lamborghini, wearing Bertone production number 401, was factory-finished in Rosso Miura paint over a black and beige interior. It was sold new to an Italian enthusiast named Breviglieri and was later acquired by well-known collector Pier Paolo Apicella, who in turn sold it in 1983 to the current collector. Chassis 4155 has been seldom driven and carefully garaged over the intervening 31 years, and it continues to display in overwhelming originality. It desirably retains its original matching-numbers V-12 engine and driveline, and other than being fitted with wider rear wheels from the subsequent Miura SV, it is correctly equipped as per its original factory specifications. This superb Lamborghini remains every bit as arresting as it was in August 1969, and as it is currently accompanied by a FIVA Passport and ASI papers, it is warranted entrance to some of the world’s most discerning vintage events. A sensationally presented Miura displaying such dutiful care and mild use would make a noteworthy addition to any sports car collection. This Miura P400S is a wonderfully original example of one of the most rhapsodised speed machines ever constructed, and it is the distinctive forerunner of a long line of “Raging Bulls”.»

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