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Iso Grifo A3/C #B0209

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Type: Strada

Chassis-Number: B0209.

Engine-Number: #691F01075Q

Rear Window*: Flat (later: conventional)

Dashboard*: Series 1

Rear Axle*: De Dion

Carburation*: Holley

Body*: by Carrozzeria Sports Cars (Piero Drogo)/Riveted Avional

Original Color*: Red

Original Interior*: Black

First mentioned*: 24.09.1964

First Delievery: Baron de La Gravière

First Owner: ?

Other Owners: France (7381 WW 75)

27.10.1965*1: Jean Philippe Smet, better known as: Johnny Halliday (4958 RZ 75)

16.02.1966*: Jean Claude Guillaume

21.11.1966*: Grand Garage Moliere, Paris

19.08.1968*1: Prince Pierre de Sangusko, Paris (white, with blue stripe)

13.04.1992*1: Michel Hommel (re-painted in Ferrari Red, displayed at Le Manoir de l’Automobile et des Vieux Métiers de Lohéac, 728 GFS 75)

00.00.2009*: Yvan Mahe (Contrôle Technique, 21.02.2009, 25’484 km, 214 EYC 77)

00.00.2012*: Pascal Perrier

Auctions: RM Sotheby’s, Paris 2018, estimate: 2’500’000 – 3’000’000 Euro. (Photos: ©Remi Dargegen)

*according to: Jack Koobs de Hartog, Bizzarrini – Facts and Figures, 2017

1) data provided by RM Sotheby’s.

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