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Lingenfelter’s Eliminator Spec S 7.0L LT2 V8 for the C8 Corvette Makes 715 hp

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Lingenfelter debuted their 427 Eliminator Spec S motor for the C8 Corvette. The naturally aspirated 427 ci (7.0 L) LT2 V8 features a CNC blueprinted and sleeved block, Callies 4.0 stroke 8 weight crankshaft, Callies rods, Mahle 4.125 bore pistons, and CNC ported heads. Lingenfelter also installs a custom Comp Cams optimized to work within the DCT transmission’s torque and shift parameters. The engine retains all factory oiling and scavenging systems. The makes 702 hp and 599 lb-ft of torque on 91 octane fuel with the stock manifold and 85 mm throttle body. It makes 715 hp and 614 lb-ft of torque on 91 octane fuel with Lingenfelter’s C8 LT2 Carbon pTR intake manifold and 103 mm throttle body.

Lingenfelter's C8 Corvette Eliminator Spec S 7.0L LT2 V8

Source: Lingenfelter

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