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V10-Powered BMW E46 M3 on the Nürburgring

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Earlier this year we shared the amazing 2004 BMW E46 M3 built by PROCAR being driven on the Autobahn at 290+ km/h (180+ mph). Recently Misha Charoudin piloted the car around the Nürburgring. PROCAR built the unique M3 with a 5.0 L S85 V10 making 520 horsepower. It is routed through an E9x M3 DCT transmission to a M4 carbon fiber driveshaft and OS Giken limited-slip differential with 3.15 ratio. Enjoy Misha push the engine and car to the limit in the video below.

2004 BMW E46 M3 with a S85 V10

Source: Misha Charoudin

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