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11,000 rpm 1.8 L 7A-GE Engine Recipe

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Mike Kojima from MotoIQ is building a 1.8 L “7A-GE” inline-four capable of 11,000 rpm for a customer. The build recipe uses a 7A-FE block, ACL main bearings, OS Giken forged rods and pistons, and a MRP girdle. On top will sit a ported 4A-GE head, TRD Formula Atlantic camshafts, and Supertech oversized valves, springs, and titanium retainers. Mike explains many of the parts were sourced by the customer and would make changes like a dry sump system if he had total control. Listen to Mike explain the engine recipe below along with alternative part recommendations.

OS Giken forged rods next to 4A-GE factory rods

MRP girdle for 7A-GE engine

OS Giken 1.8 L 7A-GE crankshaft

Source: MotoIQ

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