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Victor Jönsson’s Custom Volvo PV544 with a 38 L Diesel V12

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It is great to see Victor Jönsson’s custom 1960 Volvo PV544 still running. Two years ago Victor replaced the 38.8 L V12 after developing a rod knock. A monumental task considering the size of the engine. Since then he’s continued to upgrade systems on the vehicle. Recently he installed a new injector pump with a RQV-regulator to help the engine run better. The engine’s tremendous torque is reduced by a custom planetary gearset (1:3) which is then sent through a BWM 525 five-speed manual transmission. Victor plans on reassembling the gearset with a Sachs 765 pressure plate to handle more of the torque. You can follow the project’s progress in the build thread or @Stridsvagnshotrod.

Source: Victor Jönsson

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