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Building a Stroked 2JZ for 1000+ hp

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Jay Meagher from Real Street Performance is back with another engine build. This time around he’s building a stroked 3.4 L 2JZ inline-six capable of 1,000+ horsepower and be easy to drive on the street. Jay starts with a 2JZ-GE block machined by Mazworz with a Brian Crower 96 mm lightweight crank, Brian Crower h-beam rods, Diamond pistons, and Real Street Performance billet main caps. On tops Jay installs a 2JZ-GE head also machined by Mazworz with Brian Crower 276 camshafts, Ferrea valvetrain, and Kelford Cams DLC coated buckets. Listen as Jay explains how he builds the motor in the video below.

Source: Real Street Performance

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