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Alek Projekt’s Twin-Turbo 1UZ-Powered BMW E36 Makes 1,000 hp

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Alek Projekt’s BMW E36 is a beast. In our previous article the car received a built Toyota 1UZ V8 after the previous one failed. The new motor features forged rods, modified stock pistons (9.4:1 compression), Bosch 2200 cc injectors, and Dr Turbo Holset HX40 turbochargers. On top sits a pair of ported heads with BC valve springs, custom 276 camshafts, and Alek Projekt custom intake manifold. The engine also features a nitrous shot from 3,500-4,900 rpm. All told it produced 1000 hp at 6866 rpm and 1100 Nm (811 lb-ft) at 5759 rpm on 1.6 bar and E85 fuel.

BMW E36 with a Twin-Turbo 1UZ V8

Source: Alek Projekt FB page

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