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Volvo B230 with Billet Head Makes 1674 hp

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Swedish racer Rickard Thomsson owns a very fast Dodge Dakota drag racing truck. Two years ago he set out to make the truck even faster with a billet head built by Bjarne and Erland Cox at Topplocksverkstan. The Volvo B230 8-valve inline-four also features R&R custom aluminum rods, Kent camshaft, Precision 98 mm Pro Mod turbocharger, and FuelTech FT600 ECU. Rickard recently took the truck to the dyno where it made 1674 hp and 1418 Nm of torque on 4 kg/cm² (56.8 psi) of boost. This was the first dyno session with the billet head. He plans on making some changes for the ultimate goal of 2000 hp.

Rickard Thomsson Dodge Dakota with a turbo Volvo B230 8v inline-four

Source: 8 Valve Turbo Racing FB page

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