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Celica with a Turbo 1UZ V8 Goes 7.83 sec

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Wojtek Adamczyk and his Toyota Celica set a Polish RWD record at a Grand Prix Poland quarter-mile event last year. One year later and he’s set a new record with a 7.835 sec at 292.68 km/h (181.86 mph) at the same event. The car is now the first 7-second RWD car in Poland. It is powered by a turbocharged Toyota 1UZ-FE V8 recently upgraded to a JRspec GTX55 turbocharger. No word on how much the motor makes but reports the turbocharger is capable of 2,000 horsepower.

GT4 Performance Toyota Celica with a Turbo 1UZ V8

Source: Toyota DRAG RWD by GT4 Performance and FB page via Piotr

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