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Audi TT RS with a 1300 hp Turbo R30 VR6 Goes 205 mph

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Don Octane unveiled their Audi TT RS two years ago. Back then the car reached a top speed of 317.63 km/h (197.36 mph) at the TTT (Turboscheune Test & Tune) half mile event in Germany. The car returned to the event this year and reached 330.04 km/h (205.07 mph) in 14.166 sec. The car is able to achieve that thanks to a turbocharged R30 VR6 and 02Q six-speed dogbox built by Don Octane. The motor produces 1300 horsepower from a Garrett GTX55 turbocharger and 12 injectors spraying a lot of fuel.

Source: Turboscheune Test & Tune

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