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1945 Chevy Race Truck with a 5.9 L Cummins Inline-Six Makes 1,283 hp on Dyno

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Robert Berry built his 1945 Chevy race truck 6-7 years ago and during that time has always had a Cummins inline-six. The project started with a 12-valve 6BT, then 24-valve ISB, and now is powered by a common rail ISB provided by Industrial Injection. The compound twin-turbo 5.9 L inline-six features a balanced crank, Carrillo rods, Banks Big Hoss intake manifold, Industrial Injection Stage 2 head and Gorilla girdle. Firepunk Diesel coaxed 1,283 hp and 1435 lb-ft of torque out of the motor on a conservative tune. The 3,700 lb truck still uses the factory cab, bed, fenders, and does not feature a tube chassis.

1945 Chevy race truck with a compound turbo Cummins inline-six

Source: DrivingLine and Firepunk Diesel

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