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Honda Insight with a 420 cc Single-Cylinder

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Robot Cantina has spent the last six months building a very unique Honda Insight. The project started by removing the 1.0 L ECA1 inline-three, hybrid system, exhaust, fuel tank, clutch, and more. Then they installed a 212 cc Predator single-cylinder motor with a Comet 44C Magnum CVT to the five-speed transmission. The Insight achieved a top speed of 44 mph after bumping the engine’s output up to 9.33 hp. They eventually swapped the 212 cc motor for a 420 cc Predator single-cylinder motor. They plan to increase the engine’s output with a turbocharger. You can follow the project’s progress here.

Honda Insight with a 420 cc Predator single-cylinder

Source: Robot Cantina via Guillermo

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