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Noonan Debuts Billet LSx and HEMI Engines

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Noonan Ultimate Race Engineering out of Queensland just debuted their billet LS-EDGE LSx and HEMI H20 V8s at PRI 2016.

Noonan LS-EDGE billet LSx block

Noonan LS-EDGE billet LSx head

The LSx block comes in either a water jacketed or solid model. The blocks are machined out of 6061 aluminum and feature up raised camshaft tunnel, choice of Cleveland or Chevy mains, and lifter bores. You can purchase the block with standard or tall deck heights and bore up to 4.200″. The block also features turbo pressure feed lines in the front valley and oil return ports in the side of the block.

Noonan was also proud to develop the world’s first all-billet HEMI street car engine. The cylinder heads offer 2.480″ intake and 1.950″ exhaust ports and feature water jacket system that allows for optimum water flow. The blocks 10.725″ standard deck allows for a 4.500″ bore and has water flow on both sides of the bore.

Noonan H20 billet HEMI V8

Source: Noonan via BangShift

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