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Hybrid Powered 2WD Motorycles for the Military

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Two companies are currently competing to build the military’s next super quiet motorcycle. Logo Technologies’ SilentHawk and LSA Autonomy’s Nightmare prototypes both hope their multifuel-electric hybrid 2WD design wins over the US Military. Each design uses an electric motor powering each wheel connected to a small battery pack and a mutlifuel Wankel rotary generator.

LSA Autonomy Nightmare motorcycle

The Wankel rotary is probably similar to LiquidPiston’s design since it is small, quiet, and can burn different fuels. The LiquidPiston engine is able to burn diesel, gasoline, natural gas, and JP-8. It is able to burn all those fuels because of its High Efficiency Hybrid Cycle (HEHC) which combines the advantages of Diesel, Otto and Atkinson cycles.

HEHC High Efficiency Hybrid Cycle

LiquidPiston rotary engine

Source: Foxtrot Alpha

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