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Project Bonemaro: A 1979 Camaro Build for Cheap – Part 1

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Tony and Lucky began a new project called Bonemaro in Hot Rod Garage episode 37. The series will follow the guys as they build a decent Hot Rod as cheap as possible. The project starts with a 1979 Camaro they purchased for $800 and a 5.3 L iron-block LM7 from a 2002 Avalanche for $1,180. At the end of the video the Camaro is left without an exhaust and told to stay tuned. It is easy to assume the car will be getting a turbo system in the next episode.

I have included the full price list below which is seen at 25:56 in the video.

Total Cost$4942
1979 Camaro$800
5.3 L LM7 V8$1180
Modified TH400$750
Hooker #12621HKR Engine Mounts$116
Lokar TC-1000LS1 Throttle Cable$59
Advanced Adapters #712500A4 LSx to TH400$166
Bosch #580254044 Fuel Pump$100
Fuel Pump Fittings$65
Fuel Rail Fittings$30
Replacement Engine Mounts$20
3M Window Weld$20
Transmission Mount$30
Miscellaneous Hardware$17
Dorman #620118 Electric Fan$75
Fuel Tank Repair$140
B&M Holeshot Torque Converter Used$100
Fuel Filter$8
Hose Clamps and Caps$9
2002 Camaro Radiator$105
12' Fuel Hose$42
Transmission Fittings$12
Transmission Cooler$32
Spectre Transmission Dipstick$16
Automatic Transmission Fluid$65
Power Steering Fluid$8
ECU Unlock$181

Source: Hot Rod Garage

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