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Top Ten Articles of 2015

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I want to thank all our friends, fans, and readers for making 2015 one of our best. With your support we were able to publish 429 articles. This was more than the past two years combined. I hope 2016 is even better.

Honorable Mentions
I wanted to include five articles that did not make it into the top ten but I felt were great projects.

The Devil Has a Change of Heart

This project caused a lot of strong opinions and some of that was due to incorrect information. We were very fortunate to get in touch with the owner and set the record straight on this project.

1968 Mustang with a 2JZ
1968 Mustang with a single turbo 2JZ
This is another project that received its share of strong opinions.

Mercedes W123 Wagon with a 7.3 L V12
Mercedes W123 Wagon with a 7.3 L AMG V12
This project has a lot of things going for it – engine swap, wagon, 12 cylinders, and a lot of displacement.

Chevy Truck with a 14.2 L Semi Truck V8 Update
Chevy Truck with 14.2 L Scania Semi Truck Diesel V8
Those Scandinavians seem to love wild engine swaps almost as much as I do.

Andreas Georgeades’ H16 Powered Motorcycle Update
Andreas Georgeades' H16 Powered Motorcycle Update
Andreas Georgeades is a world renowned motorcycle builder and his newest creation is turning out to be his masterpiece.

Top Articles from 2015

10. Building a 1998 Beetle with Twin Supercharged V6 Engines
1998 Beetle with Twin Pontiac Supercharged 3.8 L V6 Engines
When you need to make your project stand out from the rest, a second engine is a good choice.

9. Building A Porsche 914 With A LS6
Porsche 914 With A LS6
This project is following the old formula of small nimble chassis upgraded with V8 torque.

8. Subaru BRZ With A Synergy V8
JUN Subaru BRZ With A Synergy V8
This project accomplishes the FRS/BRZ need for more power with a high-revving V8 engine made from two motorcycle engines.

7. Rudezon Update: Two-stroke V8 Powered Volvo Amazon
Rudezon Volvo Amazon with two-stroke Evinrude 300XP V8
Another amazing project from Scandinavia featuring classic looks with a two-stroke V8.

6. Honda J-series V6 Miata Swap Kit
Mazda MX-5 NA Miata with Honda J32A2 V6
Many of our readers were pleased to hear a company had developed a J-series swap kit for the Mazda Miata.

5. Chevy Colorado with a LS9 And ZR1 Looks
Chevy Colorado With A LS9
The owner of this project wondered what would happen if you combined a Colorado truck with a Corvette ZR1… and then built it.

4. V12 From Two Toyota I6 Engines Update 3
V12 From Two Toyota inline-six Engines
When someone takes two engines and combines them into a single bigger engine… it’s going to turn heads. This project also made it in our previous top ten list.

3. V12 From Two Toyota I6 Engines Update 2
V12 From Two Toyota I6 Engines drivetrain
What can I say? I enjoy talking about this engine/project.

2. 1973 Toyota Celica with a Twin-turbo 1UZ-FE
1973 Toyota Celica with a Twin-turbo 1UZ-FE
One look at the finished product and it is easy to see why it make it in the top ten. The owner has built a immaculate classic Toyota with a very powerful modern twin-turbo V8.

1. 1972 VW Bus with a Subaru EJ25
Divers Street Rods 1972 VW Bus with a Subaru EJ25
I think this project made the top stop because it struck a cord with many readers. It combined the timeless bus design with a modern turbocharged flat-four engine. The final product had a very clean and updated look about it.

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