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Metro 6R4 Replica with a Turbo Duratec V6 on the Dyno

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Ian Oddie made several upgrades to the turbocharged 3.0 L Duratec ST220 V6 sitting in back of his Metro 6R4 replica since his last dyno session. The motor now has a Pulsar GTX3582 Gen 3 turbocharger, Devils Own water/methanol system, NGK R8 ignition coils, and ID 1050X injectors fed by two Bosch 200 fuel pumps. Ian drove the Metro to Motoscope in Northallerton, England to strap it down on the dyno. At the end of the session the engine made 569 hp and 433 lb-ft of torque. Watch the dyno runs below before Ian does a quick walkaround of the car.

Metro 6R4 Replica with a Turbo Duratec V6

Source: Oddified

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