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Neue Klasse BMW 2000cs: The Unsung Design Hero

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Great design is polarizing, as is the case with the BMW 2000CS Neue Klasse Coupe which is now brought back into the spotlight; because BMW's Vision Neue Klasse concept draws heavily on this unsung hero of BMW design. Here we take a deep dive into both the Vision and 60's Neue Klasse, designed by Giovanni Michelotti, and how his genius together with fellow Italian design school greats Marcello Gandini and Bertone are once again shaping the future of BMW. I'm giving a huge thank you to Graham Robson and his terrific, thorough reporting of the history of BMW with his book "BMW: Driven to Succeed," as this resource was invaluable when putting together this video. 0:00 Intro 1:46 BMW 700 Series, Isetta, 501, 507 3:18 The Neue Klasse & Giovanni Michelotti 3:54 The Garmisch & Marcello Gandini 5:52 The Vision Neue Klasse 6:36 Owning & Driving the 2000c 9:07 2000cs Rarity & Values, Retromobile, "A Man And His Car"

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