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NEW Citroën AMI (8 hp) - POV drive & walkaround

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Driving the new electric Citroën AMI during the Zoute Grand Prix car week. In this video I show you the exterior, interior, features, a top speed run and how to park where there is no parking space. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you like my POV drives, thanks! 🙏 👉 👈 The AMI is a 2 seater mini EV that recharges its 5.5kWh battery in three hours from any standard electric socket. You can order your AMI online, at selected Citroën dealers or at media stores like FNAC in Belgium & France. It costs about € 7.000 without delivery. The AMI isn't a real car, but a 'quadricycle'. This means you can drive it from the age of 14 or 16 in some countries or you don't even need a driving license to drive it. Operating it is as easy as pressing a button to go forward or reverse, put you foot on the throttle and turn the steering wheel. With a range of 75 km (43 miles) and a top speed of 45 kph (28 mph), the AMI is your best friend in a crowdy city or suburban area. Parking is easy with a length of just 2.41m and you can do a u-turn in most streets in one go, because the turning circle is just 7.2m. It is very small, but feels very spacious. You sit on the rear axle and in front of you is a lot of storage space. If you need space for just 1 person, you could also order the AMI Cargo, with a lot of extra storage space instead of a passenger seat. Body panels are made as simple and symmetrical as possible, there is only one door that fits both sides, one side it hinges in the rear, the other side it opens like a regular door. Front and rear panels are also identical, just the front has white lights and the rear red lights. The AMI is't painted but can be customised with sticker packs. It is 100% recyclable apart from the battery, which is 85% recyclable.​ SPECS -------------------------- - dimensions: length 2,41 m, width 1,39 m, height 1,52 m - turning circle: 7,2 m - 14" rims - weight: 490 kg - range: 75 km (43 miles) - charge time: 3 hours - 6 kW electric motor - max speed: 45 kph (28 mph) - price: from €7.000 incl. VAT #citroenami #citroënami #ami

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