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Heres my weird Model A with S2000 Swap

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@RickyBoada - Here is my Model A with a Honda S2000 swap. Yes, you're reading correctly. Built by @goomba_james after seeing the amazing @_aaron_beck design render - it just had to be done. The car is a work in progress, just recently become road worthy. The wing is being redone (you can see it on the floor in the beginning of the video). The car also needs new tires to be smoother (Tag @MickeyThompsonTires and let them know - not kidding lol). I'll be running the same exact set up, its what makes it look best. New rims (same set up) are on the way, and tweaks here and there have to be done. Overall, the car is a blast and gets more attention than any of my other cars. Follow everyone thats contributed to the build! @livnitgstyle @innovativedesign @fuelfiles @realdirtyindustries @goomba_james @bertvillena @_aaron_beck Send me a DM if you want to sponsor anything on the car, or simply just want to know more about it. I'll be attending a lot of the Miami local shows! The future will bring some boost, finish interior and cosmetic details. Like & Subscribe!

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