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The 1938 Schlörwagen Pillbug: The German Engineering Masterpiece That Was Lost in Time

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Discover the Schlörwagen, the aerodynamic rear-engine passenger vehicle prototype developed by Karl Schlör and presented at the 1939 Berlin Auto Show. This forgotten German engineering marvel never went into production, but its innovative design and impressive drag coefficient of 0.186 still inspire car enthusiasts today. Learn about the Schlörwagen's unique history, design, and performance in this in-depth look at one of the most underrated cars in automotive history. 00:00 - Intro Retro Car 00:06 - 1938 Schlörwagen History 02:56 - Outro Retro Car ========================================== Donation for the channel: ✔️ Radiant (RXD) Address: 1PrHgo2Ps2py13AWeBbHUPETaJxirKBqh4 ✔️ Nexa (NEXA) Address: nexa:nqtsq5g59rdnu57lx3c6lpu65msqmdsp58yzu2x06ald7l3u ✔️ Clore (CLORE) Address: AHRbQopUi6yGfZGy6VMEcqTg4Fn5uMdNAf ========================================== 🚗 Lancia Retro Car Playlist: 🚗 DeSoto Retro Car Playlist: 🚗 Dodge Retro Car Playlist: 🚗 AC Retro Car Playlist: #retrocar #Schlörwagen #AerodynamicCar #1939AutoShow #KarlSchlör #AutomotiveHistory #ForgottenCars #InnovativeDesign #VintageCars #CarPrototype #AutomotiveEngineering

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