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Citroën My Ami Buggy 2024 Review 4K HDR | The wildest, wackiest Citroën ever: would you?

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Citroën My Ami Buggy 2024 Review 4K HDR | The wildest, wackiest Citroën ever: would you? Overview 00:00 Background 00:31 Driving Experience 02:05 Design and Build 05:03 Market and Model Range 08:06 Cost of Ownership 09:54 Summary 10:24 SUBSCRIBE to watch more Expert Vehicle Reviews here: Jonathan Crouch writes an in-depth #citroën My Ami Buggy 2024 review. If you want to watch more reviews on vehicles like this Citroën My Ami Buggy 2024 review #carreview make sure to #subscribe to our #channel and comment what YOU want us to #review next. If this is the type of vehicle you are interested in, we recommend also viewing our review on the Citroen Ami 2024 linked here: If you thought the ordinary Citroën Ami was weird, check out this Buggy version. Jonathan Crouch takes a look. There's nothing quite like Citroen's My Ami Buggy. Essentially, it's just a lifestyle-orientated version of the city-based Ami quadricycle, but it feels so much more unique than that. Both Ami models have pavement presence, but this one makes you smile too. Who says EVs have to be boring? This one isn't: Citroen's My Ami Buggy. As the name suggests, it's a lifestyle version of the weird Ami EV city vehicle, this Buggy version previewed by a concept design revealed in 2021. Inspiration apparently comes from a model from Citroen's Riviera back catalogue, the Mehari: but you might think the My Ami Buggy closer in concept something like a Mini Moke. So, great for the surf shack beach crowd: rather less suitable for a wet ring road commute in Blighty. Nevertheless, Citroen is importing 40 of these My Ami Buggy models here to test the water, announcing them at around the same time as Stellantis Group cousin Fiat unveiled a very similar contender, also Ami-based, the Topolino. All these models aren't really proper cars: they're instead classified as 'quadricycles', which entails plenty of limitations. Still, a life without limits would already include conventional transport: this Citroen is deliberately unconventional. Writer - Jonathan Crouch Want to know more? Find out by using our website: SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: LinkedIn: #citroen #citroenami #carreview

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