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🚨 Italian Authorities Seize 134 Fiat Topolino EVs at Livorno Port!

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🚨 Italian authorities have seized 134 Fiat Topolino electric vehicles at the port of Livorno due to small stickers of the Italian flag on the bodywork. Prosecutors claim these stickers could mislead customers into thinking the cars are made in Italy, when in fact, they are produced in Morocco. This incident highlights the delicate balance between international production and national branding. Stellantis has agreed to remove the stickers to resolve the issue, but the cars remain at the port, awaiting a prosecutor’s release order. Stellantis confirmed the seizure, denying any intent to mislead, stating that the Italian flag sticker was meant to show the car’s design origin from Fiat Centro Stile in Turin. This situation underscores the Italian government's intensified scrutiny under Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, especially regarding the production of Italian-branded models outside Italy. 💬 Subscribe to our channel and like the video to stay updated on the latest automotive news and events! 👍 #FiatTopolino, #LivornoPortSeizure, #ItalianAuthorities, #ElectricVehicles, #StellantisNews, #FiatTopolinoSeized, #AutomotiveNews, #FlagStickerControversy, #ItalianFlagIssue, #EVSeizure

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