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CITROËN DS23 PALLAS (1974) / A car that makes you laugh out loud

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If you've never seen one or sat in one, this is a must-watch video for you. Experience this amazing classic car with me. The Citroen DS23 Pallas was the final and most luxurious version of this French beauty made between 1955 and 1975. Over 1.5 million of them were made but quite rare to see on the roads any more. Especially in this condition. I learned to drive on my father's DS23 "Goddess", and to be honest didn't think much of it back in 1977. But how wrong can a smarty pants teenager be? I admit it. This is a magical car, and I want you all to share it with me, now I've had my revelation. So it's time for me to say sorry dad, it is a true classic. It might be hard to work on, and it might be fussy and not particularly fast, but it's a really important car and delightful to drive. And more than that, a very significant car in the history of the automobile. So many clever innovations that were decades ahead of their time. A genuine aerodynamic body with an excellent drag co-efficient, self-levelling suspension, the first car with production disc brakes, headlights that turn around corners. Come along with owner and guest presenter Mike and myself and enjoy the superbly comfortable lounge-room on wheels that is the Citroen DS23. And one more thing. We need your opinion. Has this car got better with age? I think so. Is it beautiful or the ugliest car you've ever seen? Leave a comment! #citroen #Citroën #deesse #goddess

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