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Full 2 years in 2 hours. Vintage car + Bugatti. Timelapse. Homemade.

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At the moment we have very little left to finish it. But the project is currently frozen because we are stuck with expensive items such as custom suspension, wheels and car registration. Please support our project! We will appreciate every dollar. PayPal - ETH и ERC-20(usdt, usdс, busd): 0x30A15Fe2C52a4994FE3550C43d8e0383332AF7f4 TRX и TRC20(usdt, usdc): TS1fX27i6ecp8tGvnEsQs46WY31nr72Z86 Or the THANK YOU function on YouTube. THANK YOU !!!!!!!! For contact: Dashing Roast:

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