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I drive the very FIRST Porsche car (priceless prototype)

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I drive the very FIRST Porsche car (priceless prototype). Welcome to this new Late Brake Show episode where Jonny Smith gets the opportunity to drive Porsche 356/1 - the first Porsche made. Thought to be priceless, this 1948 Volkswagen Beetle engined roadster formed the basis of ALL the subsequent Porsche road cars. Usually living inside the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, Jonny was given permission to drive it without chaperone at the recent Rennsport Reunion event at Laguna Seca, California. Thanks for stopping by The Late Brake Show. Why not join our Patreon gang for early access to episodes and a regular blog from Jonny? Smith & Sniff is the UK's #1 automotive podcast, where Jonny and ex Top Gear and Grand Tour script editor Richard Porter chat absolute rubbish for an hour, periodically mentioning car related topics. Listen now: Website: Apple music: Spotify: Amazon: Youtube: *********** Merch shop: ****** Become a Patreon supporter: ****** Website: ****** SUBSCRIBE for a broad-church of automotive appreciation spanning EV, classic, modified and future tech. ******** Edited by Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant **************** Jonny Smith Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since '98 Website: Instagram: Twitter: CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro 0:55 Start up 2:19 Type 64 3:10 Usually in a museum 3:45 Driving it 4:16 Early VW (mid) engine 5:42 Sold to an architect 6:55 Crashed into by nuns 7:55 No chaperone 9:03 Emotional 9:50 Priceless 10:27 Gmund production 12:00 Passing 962 12:20 Parking it up #rarestporsche #oldestporsche #firstporsche #thelatebrakeshow #4k

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