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The Citroen Ami Buggy: Pointless or Perfect?!

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This week Imogen ventured to the south coast to try out the tiny, bizarre, buggy version of the Citroen Ami. Having sold out in a little over 2 minutes(?!!!) customers apparently LOVE this modest electric vehicle and are crying out for more MyAmi Buggies to hit our streets. However, with a top speed of 28mph and no doors we wanted to understand what all the fuss is about... Imogen investigates! 00:00 Welcome to MyAmi... 00:28 Spot the difference - Exterior 02:08 A Charging Conundrum 03:40 A Mystery?! 06:13 Interior - A bum bag?! 09:20 Draughty Ankles 10:07 Indiana Jones 11:20 Rapid Change 12:15 More Little Cars! @theofficialcitroen Visit our LIVE exhibitions in Australia, UK, USA, Canada & Europe: Become a Patreon: Become a YouTube member: use JOIN button above Subscribe to Fully Charged & the Everything Electric channels Subscribe for episode alerts and the Fully Charged newsletter: Visit: https://FullyCharged.Show Find us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: Support our STOP Burning Stuff Patreon: For Clean Energy and Home Tech take a look at the ⁠⁠@EverythingElectricShow

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