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V1 of which famous Fiat? The Fiat Ecobasic Story

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The Fiat Ecobasic concept was styled under the same stewardship as the infamous Fiat Multipla, and so may be considered to be a bold, exciting new shape, or a bone-headed ugly design, depending upon which side of the fence you’re on. But like the Multipla, the Ecobasic was an innovative car with some very clever features. It had ultra-low fuel economy - around 100mpg (2.9L /100km), and an ultra-low price. If it launched today, it would cost around the same as its cheapest modern rival, the Dacia Sandero. So, what became of this funky car, and what popular car did it morph into? If you'd like to support what I do, and get early access to advert-free videos and exclusive channel updates, please consider supporting the channel from just $1 or 80p a month: Support me using PayPal: Big Car merch: Twitter: My second channel - Little Car: Sources: #bigcar

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