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Hero Of Two Worlds: The Beautiful Fiat 124 Sport Spider

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With a production run spanning almost two decades, during which nearly 200.000 units were made, the 124 Spider is a beloved Fiat classic that enjoys a strong following on both sides of the Atlantic. Yet few people know that the timeless lines of this most Italian of automobiles were actually penned by an American for a Corvette. Welcome to the story of the Fiat 124 Spider... #history #classiccars #fiat124 #pininfarina #fiat Attribution for the picture of the Corvette Rondine: Mr.choppers, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons My articles on Medium: My automotive books: Lancia Gamma Berlina & Coupé 1976 - 1984 ENGLISH: ITALIAN: Six Appeal - The Story Of The Alfa 6 Alfa Romeo Alfa 6 - La Storia 1979-1987 (ITALIAN) Alfa Romeo Giulietta - The Story 1977 - 1985 ENGLISH: ITALIAN: Alfa Romeo Arna - The Full Story 1980 - 1987

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