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Should Have Made Citroen World Leader - Instead Bankrupted It - Citroen Maserati SM

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The Citroen SM should Have Been The world's best car, it was the most advanced car of its time, it had a new Maserati V6 engine, it was comfortable, looked striking and was a great GT, yet bad luck and some significant flaws meant the Citroen SM still failed and ended up bankrupting Citroen. I look at the history of what could have been the best car in the world and discuss why it failed and how it drives today. Patreon Supporters get advance viewings before official release and also a monthly exclusive roundup video of what I've been getting up to. If you want to support the channel please go to: Tayna Car Batteries are fantastic and supply all my car batteries! Use the code NUMBER27YT for a further 5% off! - (20)

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