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Grace Jones for Citroën

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Though it was a popular foreign model in the U.S. during the 1960’s, the Citroën hasn’t been sold in North America for over 40 years. Back in 1974, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration officially prohibited passenger vehicles with height-adjustable suspension. The CX, first introduced in 1974, was a huge success for a while but by the mid-80’s, sales were dwindling. The company smartly hired Grace Jones and her then lover and artist/designer/film director, Jean-Paul Goude, thriving in their heyday of creativity and popularity at the time, to create a new TV campaign for their then new CX GTI Turbo model. The result is this 45 second spot, bold and striking. There hadn’t been another car commercial like it, nor has there been anything like it since. The ad was actually banned in several countries because it promoted what they deemed “excessive speeding”. And heeeeres’ Grace!

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