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Austin Allegro Type R Sleeper Project part 7: Turbo & intercooler plumbing

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Austin Allegro Sleeper Project part 7: Turbo & intercooler plumbing + steering! The daft project Allegro of Jonny Smith continues in the FabCo fabrication shop. In this episode Adam fits a 'quickrack' steering rack and extended steer arms from a competition MK2 Ford Escort (thanks to Motorsport Tools for supplying). Further up in the engine bay the final position of the Owen Developments turbocharger is decided, and Adam gets busy prototyping the wastegate and manifold pipes at the back of the engine. There is now a full size radiator and intercooler behind the Allegro's front panel - something the car has been striving to achieve (unsuccessfully) until now. Thanks for stopping by The Late Brake Show. The wheels are now finalised, and these 5x100 Golf steels mimic the same slots as the original Austin, but are now 15-inch (so as to clear disc brakes). Huge thanks to Heritage Parts Centre ( ) for channelling their VW expertise with helping to source Golf rear calipers and mk3 front hub assembles in order to convert the car to 5-bolt without spacers or redrilling. Follow every weld of the fabrication side of the Allegro sleeper (and the ridiculous Austin PrincesS-Type project seen in the background) via FabCo's YT channel: Jonny thanks the following companies for their involvement and enthusiasm: FabCo: Dream Automotive: T7 Design: Heritage Parts Centre: Owen Developments: Synetiq: Yokohama tyres: Midland Performance and Retro: Any brands wishing to partner with the Allegro project please contact us via In case you are new to Jonny's project Allegro, here's the back catalogue: Allegro Sleeper part 1: Allegro Sleeper part 2: Allegro Sleeper part 3: Allegro Sleeper part 4: Allegro Sleeper part 5: Allegro Sleeper part 6: *********** *********** Merch shop: ****** Become a Patreon supporter: ****** Website: ****** SUBSCRIBE for a broad-church of automotive appreciation spanning EV, classic, modified and future tech. ******** Filmed by Sam Fenton Edited by: Michael Douglass Thumbnail by: Matt Tarrant **************** Jonny Smith Creative content maker, car presenter & car pervert for hire since '98 Website: Instagram: Twitter: CHAPTERS 0:00 Intro 0:50 Full size radiator fits! 2:38 Tubular front end 4:15 Suspension update! 5:40 Chosen 5x100 wheels 7:43 Steering rack 9:38 Turbo mounted 10:10 Turbo pipework 11:02 Rear brakes 12:38 Wheels and tyres on 14:57 Original hubcaps on 17:28 What next? 17:55 Boost pipe prototypes 18:30 Extra engine mounts 19:08 Spal fans 19:45 Subscribe and comment #streetsleeper #austinallegro #thelatebrakeshow

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