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Can it drive on three wheels?! And other Citroen DS Party Tricks

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I have always wanted to do this! I remove the rear wheel from a Citroen DS and take it for a drive! I promise to do this again, faster with the Citroen GSA I now own (but didn't at the time of shooting). I take you through the full process of how you jack up a hydropneumatic Citroen, how you remove the rear wing and wheel and how this trick is pulled off. I then demonstrate the rotating headlamps, because such technology is definitely not a new thing! Citroen wasn't even the first to offer this. Filmed in Launceston, Tasmania in February 2020, before any lockdown issues. I seriously would not recommend driving a three-wheeled Citroen on the public highway. HubNut goodies can be purchased at where you'll also find support options. Or, support HubNut at Don't forget to like the video if you like it, and share with your friends if you really like it! Thank you all. La Citroen Déese, trois roues! 0:00 Intro 0:47 Remove rear wing 2:40 Loosen wheel nuts 3:47 How to jack it up 4:14 Going up! 5:07 Insert Jack 5:48 Down she comes! 7:25 Wheel off 7:43 Suspension sphere 8:19 Will she three-wheel? 10:12 Driving on three wheels 11:57 Braking distances 12:23 Swivelling headlamps 12:48 Headlamps on the road

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