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Extra Rare German Cars Of The 1980s and 90s

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If you want to learn more about the Extra Rare German Cars Of The 1980s and 90s watch this video and hit the like button. Our videos contain only text information without voiceover. This way you can fully enjoy the sounds of the cars and engines and not get distracted by the voicover. We also want our videos to be accessible even for hearing impaired viewers, which is why we use on-screen subtitles. Thanks for your understanding and thanks for watching! Thanks to all of you, our fans for your support and for sending your videos. We can help you and promote your channels with links in the video and description, and we can create this beautiful and great content which you all love so much. We are one big team and I hope this cooperation will be bigger and stronger. Everybody who wants to help us and everybody who wants to promote his own channel can send videos to our email Send your quality videos and we will choose the best to be featured in our content. Thank you so much!

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