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W111 Mercedes-Benz 220 S "Fintail" predecessor S-class, 1960

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OldBenz Merch Patreon The Mercedes 220 S W111 set the standard for elegance, safety and a smooth ride from the very beginning of the 1960s. Dressed in lots of chrome and fashionable styling accessories at the time, it opened a new era in Mercedes, strongly differentiating itself from earlier Pontons. Called the Fintail or Heckflosse in German, it was the first model to realize the idea of a rigid passenger cage with controlled crumple zones at the front and rear of the car. The equipment included a six-cylinder engine that was synonymous with wealth at the time, the interior features an eye-catching wooden dashboard with a beautifully designed instrument cluster, and the high level of comfort set the standard in the class. Today, a beautifully preserved specimen everywhere inspires enthusiasm and respect for the craftsmanship of the designers and stylists of the time. #w111 #fintail #heckflosse #oldbenz source:

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