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The Story of the Fantastic Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT and GTV

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Produced between 1974 and 1987, the Alfetta GT and GTV not only had the unenviable task of replacing the much-loved "105" Bertone coupés, but they had to do so in a much more challenging world. With two oil crises during the 70s and a general decline in demand for coupès in the 80s, it's no wonder the Alfetta-based coupès ultimately sold in significantly smaller quantities than their forebears. Yet they can hardly be considered a failure, and these hugely charming automobiles now enjoy well-deserved recognition among Alfa Romeo fans. Here's their story... #alfaromeo #history #classiccars The exclusive merchandise you can buy to support my channel: You can also read my articles on Medium: My automotive books: Lancia Gamma Berlina & Coupé 1976 - 1984 Six Appeal - The Story Of The Alfa 6 Alfa Romeo Giulietta - The Story 1977 - 1985 ENGLISH: ITALIAN: Alfa Romeo Arna - The Full Story 1980 - 1987

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