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Before Tesla... 1980s Electric Cars (EVs Part 2)

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In part one we looked at electric vehicles and hybrids from the 1960s and 70s: We now move onto the 1980s where individuals all around the world didn’t want to give up on finding an alternative to the internal combustion engine. These were the days before our knowledge of global warming, and the motivation was around reducing city pollution and freedom from the reliance on foreign oil. Part 1 (1960's to 1970s): Part 2 (1980s): Part 3 (90s and GM EV1): Part 4 (Tesla Roadster): To get early ad-free access to new videos, or your name at the end of my videos, please consider supporting me using Patreon from just $1 or 80p a month at Support me using PayPal: Big Car Merch (t-shirts, mugs): Twitter: My second channel - Little Car: #SinclairC5 #Sunraycer #CityEl

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