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The GM EV1 Story (EVs part 3)

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By the end of the 1980s electric vehicles had taken baby steps towards becoming practical. And companies would continue to produce small, lightweight vehicles into the 1990s, using heavy lead-acid batteries. But one company would strive, and some would say succeed in producing the world’s first electric vehicle that was a practical replacement for an internal combustion engine car. It would take almost ten years of work to produce and would come from the unlikeliest of sources, stodgy old General Motors. Part 1 (1960's to 1970s): Part 2 (1980s): Part 3 (90s and GM EV1): Part 4 (Tesla Roadster): To get early ad-free access to new videos, or your name at the end of my videos, please consider supporting me using Patreon from just $1 or 80p a month at Support me using PayPal: Big Car Merch (t-shirts, mugs): Twitter: My second channel - Little Car: #bigcar

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